Telstra Universal Service Obligation Performance Agreement

We fulfill our obligation to provide an STS by giving our customers access to a reliable telephone service, which has a good language reception and ensures that connections and bugs related to this service are made and corrected within a reasonable time. In the absence of agreement between the airlines on Telstra`s NUSC claim for 1993-1994, Bellcore International developed a new calculation model and accepted by airlines (Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone) and approved by the ACA in October 1998. For 1993-94, a negotiated amount ($230 million) was agreed by the airlines. For the years 1994-95 to 1996-1997, the NUSC was calculated from the 1993-94 figures, with inflation adjustments. With this new model, Telstra filed a 1997-98 NUSC application with the ACA for $1828 million, up from US$252 million for the previous year. ANAO stated that there was limited transparency as to whether the mandated services met the USO`s policy objectives, in part because the reports did not contain information on the amount of telephone services provided by Teltra solely because of the USO. “In terms of quality of service, the order reports show that Telstra, with the exception of some defects in the first year of TUSOPA, met all the benchmarks for service performance in 2012/2013. The Productivity Commission released its final USO report in June recommending that it be implemented by 2020, and the government opened negotiations with Telstra to terminate standard USO and USO payphone contracts, while making changes to legislation to ensure that Telstra`s legal obligations are also lifted. Teltras, a 20-year government agreement on the provision of basic telecommunications, does not reflect value for money and there is little transparency in achieving its policy objectives, according to an Australian national audit on the universal service obligation. However, ANAO`s evaluation of the contract is expected to lead to a new request for the reconsernition of the USO and the TUSOPA framework agreement. “In particular, the duration of the 20-year contract, with a fixed annual cost-based fee for 2009-10, does not reflect the proven decline in demand for standard telephone and payphone services over the relevant period,” says a government report released shortly before the long weekend. (pdf) We operate various payphones throughout the country, which offer access to local, national and international paid calls, 24-hour access to emergency numbers (free) and operator and directory assistance.