Ncb Card Holder Agreement

3. USE OF THE PAYMENT CARD 3.1 A virtual representation of the payment card is granted to you, only for use in accordance with these Terms of Use. We will reserve all rights that are not expressly granted to you. 3.2 You will receive a non-exclusive, non-licensed, non-transferable, personal and limited license for the installation and use of tokens and other payment card-related registration information to make payments with the device on the third-party platform only in accordance with the Terms of Use. The license is limited to use on any device that you own or control and that is authorized by the applicable third-party agreements. 3.3 You cannot rent, rent, lend, sell, broadcast or sublicensing on the third party platform the right to use card registration information. No, the employer must transfer the entire salary to the employer`s pay card account. A web message informs you that your online purchase is blocked due to maximum testing for the invalid OTP. Please click the “OtP can`t receive” button to authenticate your card and continue and complete your purchases manually, otherwise contact the Riyadh Bank Call Center at (966) 920002470 for help. If you have any questions or need help, please call customer service centre registration 920002470. Not at all.

If the card is intercepted more than once at the terminal, you are charged only once for the purchase. The card is available to all Riyadh Bank customers and is approved after confirmation that the sponsor is the right sponsor of the household worker and after acceptance of the terms and conditions. You can view all transactions on your card via Riyadh Online and Riyadh Mobile, and also view and print your monthly card statement. The online shopping service is available for all Riyad Bank Mada cards with Mada and MasterCard logos on the front. If your card does not show the Mada and MasterCard logos, please visit the store to replace your card. The customer can stop the atheist service whenever he wishes, and we would like to mention the need to stop the card immediately in case of theft, via online riad or by calling customer service. 5. LIABILITY 5.1 Except for a liability that cannot be excluded under the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are not liable for any losses caused by the use of the third party platform, unless it is directly caused by our gross negligence and/or intentional misconduct. 5.2 STC Pay is not the third-party platform provider, and we are not responsible for providing third-party platform service to you. We are only responsible for providing information securely to the third-party provider of the third-party platform to enable the use of payment cards on the third-party platform. 5.3 We are not responsible for the failure of the third-party platform or the inability to use the third-party platform to conduct transactions. We are not responsible for the delivery or non-performance of the third-party provider or another third party with respect to the agreements you enter into with the third-party provider of the platform or with another third party.