Articulation Agreement York University

Additional information: Humber`s Theatre Performance Advanced Diploma graduates with a minimum average of 3.0 (B or 70%) Are envisaged for admission and 60 transfercredits in the Bachelor of Fine Arts of Honours (BFA) degree in theater (show). Graduates of Humber`s Theatre Performance Advanced Diploma prior to 2014 are not eligible for this agreement. Students who have completed the Humber College Performance Studies Program in the past three years may be considered eligible for the BFA Honours Degree Program. York University reserves the right to give the opportunity to applicants who completed The Arts Performance Program at Humber College prior to 2014. To be able to apply, students (1) 60 credits or 10 full-year university courses towards the BA Baccalaureate or 90 credits or 15 full-year university courses to Honors BA, one of which must be an initiation into psychology (with a minimum level of C), (2) must meet the University of York`s general education requirements and (3) be a job or experience in rehabilitation. Each convention is unique and has a detailed curriculum that a student would have to follow in order to be eligible. You will find general information about any agreement below, but all specific questions should be addressed to the contacts listed below. Normally, students obtain 48 credits (equivalent to one and a half years of university studies) for the Diploma of Liberal Arts and 12 credits from York University during their studies at Seneca for a total of 60 credits. For more information on these agreements, please visit the NYU Meyers website or the NYU Meyers Office of Student Affairs and Admissions at 212-998-5317 or Through an innovative agreement between NYU Steinhardt and Yeshiva University, which aims to expand opportunities for students to prepare for a career in teaching, juniors and seniors can enroll at Yeshiva University as non-graduates and attend students in selected math or science courses at NYU.

You can count these courses on your Yeshiva University degree and reduce the number of credits you need to earn a master`s degree in mathematics or a master`s degree in science from NYU Steinhardt.