Academic Collaboration Agreement

If more than two faculties are interested in a new bilateral cooperation agreement, the aim should be to reach a university agreement. The Office of External Relations (ER) deals with existing and updated university cooperation agreements. These agreements are signed by the Vice-Rector. If a party is looking at the project by assigning or transmitting the agreement to a new party, the initial parties and the new contracting party should check whether they are implementing an innovation agreement. As a general rule, this frees the party who withdraws from the project (but preserves its confidentiality obligations) from its obligations and will allow the contracting parties to clarify all the rights they need to use or exploit the intellectual property rights of the party leaving the project. The Office of Industrial Engagement (OIE) of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health can provide a standard cooperation agreement that can be used for most projects. Any changes to this agreement or to an agreement proposed by the proponent must be reviewed and, as a general rule, negotiated. Cooperation agreements contain legally binding conditions that dictate each party`s rights and obligations with respect to publication, access to data and results, intellectual property rights arising from research and many other areas. If, with the agreement of the collaborator, a registered student of the institution participated in the project, nothing in this agreement prevents that student from submitting a thesis of graduation based on one of the results and the background of the collaborator for a degree of the institution, nor the examination of this thesis by examiners appointed by the institution or the deposit of this work in a library of the institution according to the relevant procedures of the institution. However, if the examination or filing of the thesis reveals a [result or] background of the employee, the institution will notify the employee at least [30] [60] or [90] days before the final thesis is submitted, and the staff member may inform the institution (a closing communication) within [15] or [30] days after receiving notification to the institution by giving notification to the institution.

, require all external auditors or readers of the thesis filed to sign confidentiality obligations as a condition for receiving the doctoral thesis. If, within this time, the institution does not receive a diploma, it may continue the examination and filing of the final thesis.] In many places, standard chords contain alternative bracket formulations. You have to choose which of these alternatives best suits your circumstances. In some cases, none of the proposed formulations can match your circumstances and you should use other formulations. There is no right or wrong; the wording you use depends on what the parties want, what they can agree on and what the law allows them to do. The administrators of the ER inform the person in charge of the agreements assessing academic quality and possible areas of cooperation. The results are collected in an exchange partner`s evaluation document. Kurzform Joint Award Letter This simple letter will be published by a governing institution to provide funding and association of a competing cooperating institution under the terms and conditions of a research council or research organization.